The modern paint supply systems are piped with cavity-free screw connections. We offer the best possible piping system solutions for our customers.


  • No paint residual
  • No pipe constrictions
  • No leaks during commissioning

Preparation / Welding Gas Filling


If the pipe ends are not cut cleanly, the pipe is cut with a pipe cutting saw. Cavity-free pipe fittings are attached to both pipe ends.

Forming equipment: Forming gas stoppers also known as forming gas chambers. These significantly reduce the space to be formed.

Welding gas only floods the area in which welding is actually carried out.

Formiergasstopfen setzen

The forming gas plug is only placed in the area where welding gas is required for welding.

This means that if you want to weld a screw connection on a pipe end, only the pipe end is exposed to welding gas.