Standard Gripper

  • Modular and therefore very flexible Grippers
  • They can be expanded from a single to a quadruple gripper.

One-way gripper:

Different types of parts that come into contact with the wheel can be attached to the Z-bars.

  • “Sharp” rollers for freshly applied wheels
  • Plastic rollers
  • Rim flange rollers

Special Gripper

Depending on the customer’s request or application, we also manufacture special grippers.

Our assortment ranges from single inner rim grippers to pallet grippers, for example, Suction frames.

Single gripper with three fingers and Z-trigger. 3-way internal gripper with adjustable placement and placement position

The use of analog servo valves makes the positioning
of the gripper is possible to 1mm.
It is also possible with different speeds and
Press to drive.


  • Precise pre-positioning, short cycle times
  • Gently gripping the objects/rims
  • Holding force control
  • Communication via Profinet / bus
  • Switching between position and pressure control
  • Easy installation through M12 connector

Servo-Pneumatic Gripper with Additional Gripper Module Infeed

Our servo-pneumatic gripper has been expanded to include a function in this model series. This is an automatic angular infeed of the gripping modules. Both modules are mechanically synchronized and are precisely controlled in the required degree position.

With an individual arrangement of the standard modules, it is also possible to implement pincer grippers. These can also be implemented as single to triple grippers.
A gripper span of 13 “-24” can be achieved without any problems.

Special Grippers According to Customer Requirements

Depending on the requirements, we also design and build customized solutions. The grippers all have a decentralized control system attached to the gripper. This can be carried out with Profibus / Profinet as required.

No pneumatics are required here. The gripper is controlled completely by electric servo motors.

It is an exact positioning with the advantages below:

  • Exact positioning possible
  • High gripping speed
  • No pneumatics necessary
  • Tubing kept as small as possible, only interface and power supply
  • Communication directly with the robot
  • Programming integrated in the robot controller

Depending on requirements, with two compact servo motors per module or one motor. Gripping force can be required. Additional axes can also be integrated, such as the gripper module delivery.

When using two motors per module, additional functions are possible.
Moving the wheels within the gripper module.