A wedge wire screen is a metal filter product with high mechanical properties and a static structure. Wedge Wires screen also provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for the intaking of fluids. Shortly, screens prevent any unwanted materials and remain system clear. Special profiles of the wires and leading edges help to break down the surface tension to produce high volume performance. Moreover, proper screen type is important for the system for the long service life. Thus, screen type, most importantly capacity, must be suitable for the system and application type.

  • Non-standard dimensions, only customized sizes are suitable for your requirements
  • Affordable prices offer a cost-effective and reliable solution
  • High quality and experienced engineering enables precise tolerances
  • All of our screens are made of stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and has high wear resistance.

Special Screens

You can contact us about wedge wire products for different applications. Our wedge wire partner is:

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