Ink Supply Systems:

  • Highrunner paint supply systems
  • Special color supply / small color supply with pigging technology
  • Pigging technology

In series production, paint supply systems such as solvent and hardener systems are built in large container systems with delivery containers and controlled and monitored using control technology.
The paint supply systems are assembled with the following main components: paint tank, paint level sensor;
Safety switch;
Filter, circulation and filling pump.

Special Supply

The paint consumption of certain colours is very low so that no separate paint supply system is necessary. In series painting, colours that are used more often are provided in independent paint supply systems and colours that are not used so often in small paint supply systems for painting.

A colour mixing room with more than 100 colour systems is very expensive (energy and system costs). Therefore, small paint supply systems are being built. The colour is pushed back from the colour line into the small quantity storage container with the help of pigging systems and cleaned automatically. After cleaning, a new colour can be filled. The painting stand is monitored by sensors and PLC. The container is filled manually.

The entire hose line is filled with paint and circulates via the third robot axis. There is one pig in the sending station and one pig in the pig receiving station. When changing the colour, the pig in the pig sending station is sent to the pig receiving station with the aid of compressed air, which means that the color is also pushed into the paint container. Then the hose line is automatically cleaned with the help of the two pigs with very little solvent and the system is prepared for a new, fresh colour.

Low-Gap Piping for the Paint Supply

The modern paint supply systems are piped with low-gap screw connections. We offer the best possible piping system solutions for our customers.


  • No Paint Deposits
  • No Pipe Constrictions
  • No Leaks During Commissioning