We can also provide carbon fiber solutions. Depending on the material characteristics, carbon fiber parts can be the best option for your systems.

As it is known, carbon fiber primarily affects the weight by being lightweight. When compared to steel, carbon fiber parts can reduce weight up to %50. In addition to the weight advantage, carbon fiber also has superior mechanical properties that can be manufactured depending on the application.

Mechanical properties depend on the manufacturing method for the composite materials. Fiber volume ratio differs in every manufacturing method and therefore it affects the mechanical properties of the final part. We provide advanced manufacturing methods with high-quality engineering processes and outstanding product performance. Our production line is suitable for all types of carbon fiber sections; circular, rectangular, square and also non-geometric shapes.

We have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities and high-quality process engineering for composite part production including:

Our main manufacturing processes:

  • Braiding
  • Filament Winding
  • Pultrusion

Our professionalized composite parts

  • Composite Robot Arm
  • Composite Shaft
  • Customized Parts

Composite Robot Arm

The composite robotic arm is used in automation lines as end-of-arm tool. Composite robotic arm provides less production cycle times thus increases the production capability by providing reduced weight over conventional metallic arms.

Our Composite Partner